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Time and Self-Management Skills

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What are the programmes all about?

The programmes are designed to help delegates at all levels to be under less time pressures and personally in control of their own time, within a modern office environment. The course covers time management in its broadest sense, focussing on both ‘text book’ and good management/working practices, a combination of which result in time being saved and a greater level of personal effectiveness in time spent.

Who are they designed for?

All those staff who find that they do not have enough time in their working day or need help in prioritising their tasks.

What are the course objectives?

  • more productive use made of the delegates' time
  • greater control of personal time management
  • improved results through more effective preparation
  • greater self-satisfaction in fulfilling one’s job role
  • improved results through better prioritisation of work

What are the key elements?

When a course is designed it is likely that some or all of the following subjects form the core of the programme, with additional topics being added to ensure fulfillment of the training requirements.
  • The importance of preparation:
    • Preparation as a time saver
  • Investigating our personal working environment:
    • Our desk and filing systems Our daily planning... task evaluation
  • Working with concrete objectives and concrete communication
    • Our own goals/objectives and effective use of deadlines
  • Planning our own time:
    • Handling multiple tasks and using the prioritisation matrix Efficiency versus effectiveness
  • How to be more assertive in controlling our own time:
    • Examination of assertiveness and the barriers to using it The differences of passive v aggressive v assertive
    • In what circumstances do we need to be more assertive?
  • What steals our time?
    • How can we avoid these time stealers?
  • Emails and time management
  • Dealing with problems rather than procrastinating
  • The golden rules of good time management
    • Creating our own action plan for time management

What will the delegates have to do?

Prior to the programme delegates are asked to consider their personal objective in attending the course.

How long do the courses last?

The duration of the courses are typically one day.

If this sounds like the type of programme that can make a difference with your team, please contact us about our Time and Self-management Skills programmes.

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