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Telephone Sales

telephone sales
What are the programmes all about?

ALP focus upon making the delegate conscious of the sales process that exists within every telephone call and based on this, they will understand WHAT to say and WHEN to say it.

Who are they designed for?

They are aimed at all staff who are involved in telephone sales work. We often work on specific assignments with our clients where they have a clear business objective. This may be selling a specific product or service, increasing conversion rates and/or increasing average order values. Alternatively it may be appointment making for their sales team.

We have an excellent track record of delivering results with telephone sales team and are confident that we do the same for you.

What are the course objectives?

As the assignments are often individually orientated, the objectives are varied. Objectives which have been successfully achieved in the past, include:
  • increasing the number of appointments made by up to 75%
  • increasing sales via proactive telephone skills during the inbound ‘enquiry’ call by upto 15%
  • increased conversion rates of outbound calls/sales or inbound enquiries/sales
  • improved confidence and proactivity in making outbound calls
  • better understanding of the sales structure within the telephone call and knowledge of when and how to when to 'close'
  • greater ability to overcome the objections to the sale

What is our approach?

The desired results will be seen when the staff ‘buy-in’ to the key elements taught on the course.

To successfully achieve this ‘buy-in’ it is essential that the delegates understand why they should say/do certain things as opposed to just being told that you should do it because it works!

At ALP we use a technique called State, Relate and Relate. Throughout the course we...




(a) Make statements about communication skills
(b) Relate them in to their personal/social lives to show them where they encounter these skills and ask them how they normally react
(c) Relate them in to the work place with ‘real’ cases and soliciting examples of when it has happened to them.

By doing this the delegates understand ‘what is in it for them’ when they apply the skills and why they should adopt a particular skill. Consequently, the delegates adopt the skills far more quickly than when they were simply told to apply certain skills.

We also use tele-trainer equipment linked to a tape recorder, which allows the delegates to analyse their role-plays and identify areas of improvement for themselves.

What are the key elements?

When we design a course it is likely that we will use some/all of the following subjects as the core to the programme, with additional topics being added to ensure we fulfil your training requirements.

Prior to the call:
  • Why should they have been glad you have called?
    • Quality versus quantity... .finding the correct balance
  • Prospecting techniques using ideal customer profiles
  • How to identify key decision maker
  • Strategies to ensure success

During the call:

  • The techniques for better communication:
    • Attentive listening skills
    • Improved questioning techniques
  • Getting passed the secretary
  • Using an ‘attack’ phrase to capture the prospects interest
  • Understanding the sales process within the call....buying signals
    • The importance of buying signals and when to listen for them
  • How to control the conversation
  • Asking for what you want and gaining the customer’s commitment
  • Dealing effectively with questions and objections
    • Getting past the ‘no’ and showing empathy
  • Selling new products to existing customers
  • Improved questioning techniques….increased influence!
    • In-depth examination of their ability to ask quality questions
  • Negotiation on the telephone
    • Identifying the key principles of negotiation
    • Searching for the variables and trading them effectively
  • Up-selling/cross-selling/switch-selling techniques
    • How to find new clients through active referral gathering

After the call:

  • Grading / categorising accounts for follow-up plans
  • Monitoring our progress in telesales
  • The importance of keeping promises and follow-up

What will the delegates have to do?

Prior to the programme delegates are asked to consider their personal objective in attending the course.

At the end of each training day delegates are given various assignments to prepare for the next session, including a report on their experiences and results.

How long do the courses last?

The duration of the courses are typically one to three days and will be determined by the client's specific training requirements.

As part of our free initial consultation, ALP will listen to a selection of the team whilst on the telephone. The clients are then advised on the likely duration of the programme as well as the results they can expect from the training course. Clients begin to see the return on the investment within days.

If this sounds like the type of programme that can make a difference with your team, please contact us about our Telephone Sales Skills programmes.

Or call us on +44(0)1832 732560 and speak to one of the team.

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