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Pitching for Business

sales and busienss development
What are the programmes all about?

These programmes begin with a business presentation by all the delegates, which is videoed. After the techniques and business development skills have been discussed, the video is reviewed, with the delegates encouraged to critique themselves and identify the areas where they need to improve. They then amend their original presentation and deliver it again.

On these courses, both presentation skills and influencing skills are discussed as well as the type of people to whom they are presenting…..which may well impact on the format of the presentation.

At the end of day one, the delegates are asked to prepare a 15 minute sales pitch presentation to a prospective client, on a specific service.

On day two the group is divided in half, with each half of the group attending either the morning or the afternoon session. There will be a client panel listening to the presentation, which is followed by up to ten minutes of questions from the panel.

The whole presentation is videoed and reviewed with the delegates. During the review we discuss how they could make them more persuasive and therefore increase their chances of winning the business.

Who are they designed for?

This course is aimed at people who are involved in sales ‘bid’ presentations to prospective clients and are comfortable with standing up in front of an audience.

What are the course objectives?

  • Increased success rates in winning business from prospective clients
  • To show how the delegates can create an edge over the competition with improved influence
  • Greater ability to transmit a message effectively and to inspire action from others
  • Increased confidence and control in the question and answer session

What is ALP's approach?

The courses are very interactive with the delegates being required to deliver three presentations during the programme. The courses build self-awareness within the individual, through the videoing of the presentations and the playback analysis each day.
We have successfully directed these courses for many of our clients, who have told us that the improved skills have contributed to securing sizeable pieces of new business.

What are the key elements?

  • What do we expect to achieve from a presentation?
  • Creating impact in a presentation:
    • Content versus form
    • Impact via: our words, our voice, our body language
  • The importance of knowing our audience and what is required
  • A videoed presentation by each delegate
  • How to create attention and generate action
  • How to maintain the audience's attention
    • Video playback and self analysis/critique
  • Understanding the character types within our audience and knowing how to influence each type through our presentation style
  • Building the strengths of our business into our presentations
    • Capitalising on your USP’s
  • Video-recording playback and analysis
  • Discussion regarding what needs to be changed and help in putting the 'pre-prepared' presentation into shape
  • Making the presentation (the client pitch 10-15 minutes) via implementation of key ideas from the first day
  • The question and answer session with the client
    • Handling audience questions
    • The need for increased emphasis on preparation (anticipation of client issues)
  • Video-recording playback and discussion on key elements for improvement

What will the delegates have to do?

We ask the delegates to consider their personal objective in attending and prior to day one they prepare a short business presentation.

Before session two they prepare a second business presentation, which may be based upon a predetermined brief from a client

How long do the courses last?

The duration of the courses are typically one to two days.

If this sounds like the type of programme that can make a difference with your team, please contact us about our Pitching for Business programmes.

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