Specialist Trainers in Behavioural Change

Personal Effectiveness - An Overview

personal effectiveness
It’s not just a matter of technical development, knowledge of our own organisation or the marketplace that helps; it depends on the quality of the individual and their personal effectiveness in coping with often changing roles and responsibilities. In other words, the success or failure of a business stems more from you and your team members’ personal effectiveness than from external conditions.

We often hear it said that "Our people are the greatest asset in our organisation"; and with this truism in mind, we need to realise the full potential of this often untapped talent. An organisation's strong future rests almost entirely on this precious human resource and its ability to carry out work effectively, confidently and with continuous improvement.

We understand perfectly well at ALP how people stick slavishly to habits; patterns of behaviour formed over sometimes, many years. You may equally have people that were recruited or promoted into roles that demand of them skills they do not yet possess. In our professional careers, these habits and/or skills gaps will be the working practices that ultimately make us effective and, of course, successful.

A key part of our methodology at ALP is to promote a greater self-awareness – particularly around the factors that are restricting an individual's effectiveness. Once we can make this objective assessment, the skills required to develop a greater personal effectiveness can be used to the maximum effect. Every delegate will leave having developed a personal action plan to enhance their personal effectiveness at work, develop greater personal impact and improve results.

Whether it’s our ability to manage time, present to and influence others of our brilliant ideas, or simply communicate with the right people in the right way, ALP has the expertise in all areas of Personal Effectiveness to deliver real results.
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