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Active Learning Partnership are at the forefront in training and development when it comes to working within professional Property and Construction companies.

With globalisation inevitable, ALP responds positively to the effect of an ever-increasing demand for our specialised development programmes in businesses based worldwide. Over recent years, we have increasingly worked with globally-based businesses to deliver our bespoke programmes with very strong results - building on our reputation which we have earned in the UK over the last 20 years for meeting the clients' requirement for results.

ALP's areas of expertise are in developing Management/Leadership, Business Development, Presentational Pitches and related Personal Effectiveness skills in individuals. We have significant experience in the Property and Construction professions through our work with a plethora of Architectural, Quantity Surveying, Project Management, Engineering (Structural, MEP, Civils) and Multi-disciplinary practices.

Our programmes are uniquely bespoke to meet the needs of the Middle Eastern market, taking account of the differences in the market when compared to the UK:
  • Intense, high pressure environment with a greater time critical factor
  • More aggressive clients demanding the absolute best from their providers
  • Peculiarities due to cultural variations in the workforce - site and office -based
  • Failure is not an option...!

Our inspirational development team are not only expert in delivering results in making the required behavioural changes for greater success, but also highly experienced in facilitating solutions to problems faced by your teams on construction projects. This knowledge and experience has lead us to tailoring a concentrated number of specialised programmes for your people as follows:

Managing People in the Project

A bespoke programme designed to develop top quality interpersonal skills; enabling the project managers to deliver the world’s leading construction projects on programme and on budget. Through the development process, delegates will become exceptionally self-aware of their behaviours in a Project Leadership role. Significant improvements will be made in how they interact and engage with others - with a particular focus on how to exert a greater influence on people they are managing remotely. The programme will deliver a comprehensive understanding of how to create and manage a coherent and productive project team.
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Making a Winning Bid

A three-day staged programme covering the entire bid process from extracting a high quality brief, writing a winning proposal, to delivering a dynamic, compelling and influential bid presentation. It has been specially designed by professionals who have worked in the property and construction sector for over 15 years to assist companies in becoming more successful in the tender bid process.
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Managing Time in the Project

A one-day programme delivering proven practices which contribute to an overall greater efficiency in planning and executing a project. It has been specially designed to help the project manager understand how to control time in a project and identify ‘time stealers’, methods for prioritising and being effective as well as efficient. Click here... If you feel we can apply our high quality material and our knowledge and experience of your sector to make a positive difference with your teams, please contact us about any of the above development programmes.
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Or call us on +44 (0)1832 732560 and speak to one of the team.

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