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Managing People in the Project

managing people project

There are two sides to managing a completely successful project. It is vital that you have the right people doing the right things in the right order. What is even more key is the recognition that it is the people that deliver the results - and it is your professional management of these people that is the final ingredient in the overall success.

Whether the project team members report directly to you, whether they belong to another organisation or whether it is both of these and they work remotely from you, this three-day staged programme is designed to develop the project manager’s people/team management skills. The delegates will leave the programme with an excellent working knowledge of how to control/motivate team members to perform, even when they are not their direct line manager.

Course objectives

The programme covers the development of top quality interpersonal skills enabling the manager to deliver projects, on time and to budget. The delegates will become self-aware of their interaction with others and have a comprehensive understanding of how to manage a coherent and productive project team.

Who are the programmes designed for?

This programme is aimed at all managers with the responsibility for running teams tasked with the delivery of projects/elements of projects.

Session 1 - Developing the Project Team

The course commences with an overview of the ten steps involved in effective project management and a recognition of the top five elements that can go wrong with a project.
  • Identifying the essential objectives of the project which constitute success:
    • Implementing and working with concrete communication
  • Preparation: a vital ingredient to success
    • Evaluating the importance of preparation within the project..
      • What needs to be done?
  • Prioritisation and control of workloads
  • Communication techniques:
    • Understanding and relating to the different ‘character types’ in
      • the project team
      • How to get the best out of each individual
  • The key principles of people management and communication in a project
  • Delegation of project tasks when there is no hierarchy of authority:
    • How to delegate with motivation to people who are not ‘direct reports’
  • Developing a coherent and productive project team:
    • The essential rules of team working… when the team is under stress
  • Distribution of briefing document in readiness for Session Two

Session 2 - Maintaining Control

The second day commences with a formal report back by each delegate on their experiences and results from putting the skills learnt in to practice.
  • Maintaining control in difficult circumstances:
    • Communicating difficult and unpopular decisions effectively
  • Maintaining standards:
    • Checking the progress without becoming a ‘checker upper’
  • Managing people who work remotely
  • Controlling the team's performance:
    • Feedback with motivation on areas not completed to standard
  • Addressing performance issues before they escalate
    • ‘nipping behavioural problems in the bud’
  • Being Assertive (as opposed to aggressive or passive):
    • ...when key elements of the project need to be controlled
  • Distribution of briefing document in readiness for Session Three

Session 3 - Influencing Others

The third day commences with a formal report back by each delegate on their experiences and results from putting the skills learnt in to practice.
  • Project meeting skills:
    • How to effectively lead and control the various project meetings
  • Influencing upwards and externally:
    • Influencing people outside the project team
  • Dealing with stress and its avoidance:
    • Managing expectations
  • How to mentor and coach team members successfully:
    • How to effectively develop the skills of the project team members
  • Negotiating with other team members when disputes arise
    • Avoiding stalemate
  • Workshop on other issues that can disrupt the project
  • Developing a personal action plan

How long do the programmes last?

Typically 3 days depending on the scope of your requirement.

What do the delegates have to do?

Prior to the programme delegates are asked to consider their personal objective(s) for attending the course.

In line with our 'staged methodology', at the end of each training day delegates are given assignments to prepare for the next session, including a report on the positive experiences and results from having put the learning into practice in their live environment.

If this sounds like the type of programme that can make a difference with your team, please contact us about our Managing People in the Project programmes.

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