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The content of our development programmes is based on real situations which delegates traditionally find difficult to handle. Through the group workshops, the delegates find that they can immediately apply the skills discussed into their daily working situations and routines.

The sessions are very interactive with ALP working in a facilitation role; aiding and steering the learning. Each day will be filled with discussion, individual and group exercises, case studies and role-plays that serve to really engage the delegate group.

We pride ourselves on fulfilling the client’s specific training objectives and whilst we will have an indication of the areas which need addressing, until we have identified the exact development needs we are unable to advise you on the specific content.

Source material for the programmes originates from highly-respected European and North American business schools. This has been developed over time in conjunction with our own experience of working in major, multi-national organisations. So, yes, the content has to be stimulating in order to ‘survive’ in these circles.

Programmes will cause the participants to take an in-depth look at themselves and will make them significantly more self-aware of their behaviours and the impact these behaviours have on others. It is this aspect which challenges the minds of the delegates and provides a level of engagement, mental stimulation and challenge that you would expect in a quality programme.

Whilst we have a vast array of material for each of the subjects we direct, we do not expect everything in our portfolio to be relevant. We will, therefore, customise the content in collaboration with you to ensure it fully meets your specific training requirements and objectives.

Furthermore, on assessing the development needs, it is probable that the amount of ‘focus’ on some areas of the programme and thus time spent on that subject, will vary from the original schedule e.g. it may be felt that the sales team are proficient in sales meeting skills, however you would like to visit the topic to see if there are any new ideas and opportunities for sharing intelligence. Therefore we would spend perhaps only one hour on the subject instead of possibly two hours.
As an in-house trainer, we come to you. You tell us where you want us and that's where we will be! With an optimum delegate group size of around eight, we are often asked to run the programme in the client's own premises where a suitable room exists. Otherwise, we will regularly operate out of a meeting room at a hotel or other purpose-built serviced facility.
Yes...because you know your people.

Through our experience in delivering literally thousands of programmes, we will naturally have an indication of the likely areas of great potential benefit to the delegates. In addition, your own input on your people is absolutely vital to give the greatest understanding possible prior to launching any programme - this gaurantees that subject areas which you would specifically like to address are also included.

It is our experience that this can work very well for an organisation in developing a 'teamship' around the business when people start to develop together and also learn about each other. Often, a wider understanding and appreciation grows in such an environment; people putting faces to names, a growing understanding of other people's roles and function etc. all improve the teams' ability to work together outside of the programme.

Our experience shows many positive results for having done so - this relies largely on the ability of the more senior people not to stifle the input from the more junior team members (unwittingly or otherwise)...you will be the best people to let us know.

There is a great deal to be gained from the experienced members bringing their positive examples of this experience to the table. Conversely, the newer, less experienced team members might just teach us all something with their fresh view on things – possibly through not being encumbered by history or bad habits?
Training always represents an opportunity to begin/continue to develop a common culture in either management and leadership, sales, business development and other personal effectiveness skills throughout your organisation. Our training caters for people at various skill levels, and mixed ability groups can always learn a lot from each other through the sharing of ideas and experiences. The less skilled delegates' fresh approach and ideas are as valuable as any other ideas proposed by longer serving team members.
Active Learning Partnership has experience of working with its clients in mainland Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Benelux and Greece) and also the UAE.

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