Specialist Trainers in Behavioural Change

Effective Site Viewings

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What are the programmes all about?

The programmes are designed for both experienced and less experienced agency team members, and engenders a positive team spirit, through peer contact and the cross-fertilisation of ideas. The courses focus on the communication skills and techniques required to influence contacts more positively as well as gaining commitment.

The courses are highly practical and interactive, with particular emphasis being placed on the delegates’ participation in exercises both in the office and at a vacant client’s premises.

Who are they designed for?

All levels of staff who are involved in conducting viewings with prospective occupiers of commercial or retail client sites.

A programme focussing on residential agency viewings is also available.

What are the course objectives?

  • to improve self-awareness and control in client-facing situations
  • a better understand of the benefits of quality preparation
  • the creation of a more structured and considered approach to showing a prospective occupier around a site
  • to influence the prospective occupier more positively and inspire action

What are the key elements?

When a course is designed it is likely that some or all of the following subjects form the core of the programme, with additional topics being added to ensure fulfillment of the training requirements.
  • Research before the viewing
    • What to find out and how to do it
  • Creating a positive first impression
  • Improved self awareness through a better understanding of our own behaviour
    • How our behaviour and communication style generates impact
    • Understanding body language (reading what others say in their actions)
  • Improving our communication skills
    • Quality questions to determine the requirement and further open up the options
  • How to balance listening and note-taking
  • How to give reassurance and the importance of showing interest in the viewer
    • Having a balanced conversation by using the inform-question model (IQ)
  • How to show empathy under pressure/dealing with comments we would prefer not to hear
  • How to determine our route around the office/site layout
  • The importance of knowing the technical detail before the viewing/site visit
  • Creating a procedural template …a checklist for future viewings
  • The art of persuasion
    • The 5 steps involved in influencing others whilst on the move in a viewing
  • What are good quality questions?
    • Including preparation of questions to ensure we do not miss any vital points.
  • How to sell features and benefits.... what is the difference?
  • Gaining commitment to the next move
The final part of this very practical programme includes work on a live, vacant client site, putting what has been learnt, into practice e.g. a commercial office suite, warehouse/industrial or development site.

Delegates are asked to conduct a viewing with their colleagues acting as prospective occupiers.

What will the delegates have to do?

Prior to the course we ask the delegates to consider their personal objective in attending the course.

How long do the courses last?

The duration of the courses is typically two days in total (one full + two half days). If this sounds like the type of programme that can make a difference with your team, please contact us about our Effective Site Viewings development programmes.

Or call us on +44 (0)1832 732560 and speak to one of the team.

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