Specialist Trainers in Behavioural Change

Company and Delegate Familiarisation

How do we initially help in the assessment of the client's and each individual’s development requirements?

Active Learning Partnership takes great pride in being able to tailor programmes in such a way that the delegates can very easily relate the course material back to their ‘live’ roles. We do this by making the substance and context of the course as much about you as possible.

In addition to our facilitative style, we regularly engage in a process of ‘familiarisation’ with the client and the delegates to allow us to gather and bring ‘live’ examples into the training. These pre-course visits are completed with a view to:
  • Gathering ‘real examples’ of the key issues that will be discussed, which will then be related back to the delegates in the ‘training room’.
  • Learning more about the organisation's procedures, language, disciplines, contacts etc.,
  • Familiarising ourselves with the culture and workings of the client and getting to know more about the delegates, from the delegates.
  • Delegates learning more about ALP, the trainer, the programme and the material being proposed.
  • Fine-tuning the course to ensure that it fulfils the exact needs of both the individuals and the client.
  • Determining the final structure and content of the programme for agreement with the client.

This preliminary process allows for a much greater relevance to the delegates work, so improving the likelihood of assimilation of the learning into their personal styles. This also augments delegate ‘buy-in’ to the programme through meeting with us and learning about ALP, the course outline and talking through any concerns, ideas, problems etc. and any general enthusiasm for the programme.

Specifically for Telesales, Sales or Business Development programmes, this familiarisation can extend to live ‘skills audits’. Clients find that very valuable information can be gained from spending time with telesellers, field sales people or people with business development responsibilities; observing their current activities and habitual style of working.

After this type of familiarisation visit we shall present a written report detailing:

  • The overall findings from the visits
  • Specific areas we have identified that, when addressed, would deliver positive results
  • How we would propose develop the staff
  • The anticipated results you can expect
  • A detailed outline of the proposed development
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