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Sales & Business Development - An Overview

sales and busienss development
Selling your products or services is the life-blood of every commercial enterprise.

What makes some people successful at selling, or appear to be? Is it a skill that can be transferred to other people, and is there a need for Sales Training?

It is easy enough to sell when times are good - in fact, it might be said that in good times, people buy from you...you don't sell. But when times are tougher, or you are in a very competitive area, how do your sales people with responsibility for skilfully selling, stack up?

Sales Training

The element common to all people involved in sales is their undivided desire to improve themselves and be even more successful. Whether you or your team are relatively new to sales or whether you have years of experience, our customised sales programmes give you the edge. ALP covers the total sales process from finding new prospects, fine-tuning our communication skills, right the way through to closing the sale. This is achieved through the course delegates becoming increasingly self-aware of the impact of their behaviour and their ability to influence their sales contacts.

Business Development for Professional Practices

The difference in the professional practice is that the people who are responsible for generating new pieces of business invariably don’t have the word sales in their job title. They frequently carry out a fee-earning function of professional or technical nature and somehow need to additionally manage themselves so that they bring in new instructions or commissions. ALP’s sales programmes have been specially adapted over the years, with great success, to fit neatly and professionally into the fee-earners business development repertoire.
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