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Making a Winning Bid

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When there is a lot of competition in what we do, it is clear that 'standing out' and having an edge is an important factor in winning business.

This is a three-day staged programme designed to cover the vital elements of the bid tender process from extracting a quality brief, writing a winning proposal to delivering a dynamic and influential bid presentation. It has been specially designed for professionals, by professionals from within the property and construction sector over the last 15 years to help companies become more successful in the bid process.

Course objectives

To provide bid teams with the skills required to influence and inspire positive action from potential clients. To show how to write an engaging and persuasive bid document. To increase the bid teams’ self-awareness and develop influencing skills to provide a clear understanding of what is involved in making a winning bid presentation.

Who are the programmes designed for?

This programme is aimed at all team members with the responsibility for developing new business from existing or new clients.

Session 1 - Positioning ourselves to win the bid

Session one focuses on three key elements:
  • how to extract a comprehensive (factual and emotional) brief from the client
  • how to write an influential and persuasive bid proposal document
  • how to prepare a dynamic presentation which will create the edge over the competition
Key areas:
Extracting the brief:
  • The importance of preparation:
    • Considering each meeting as a special case
  • Controlling the meeting through effective questioning skills:
    • Examining our own techniques… asking quality questions
    • Listening properly to what the client is really saying
  • Recognising the opportunities to help us fine-tune our written submission:
    • Fully understanding what is being conveyed to us Extracting details regarding the brief others fail to discover
  • Gaining a commitment:
    • The next move / being short listed for the pitch

The written bid document:

  • Writing for the reader:
    • Thinking about the reader and how their requirements may differ
  • Review of previous proposals
  • Influencing our readers through the written word:
    • Adopting the 'You...' style of writing
  • Subtle changes we can make which will subconsciously influence the reader:
    • The use of questions in a tender document to influence and persuade
  • Understanding our strengths and bringing them out in our proposal
  • Developing the narrative approach

Creating presentations with impact:

  • Delivery of three minute presentation by each delegate
  • How to write a successful presentation which will create an ‘edge’
    • What makes a presentation different and inspiring?
  • When to use powerpoint and when to switch it off!
    • Using multi-media to bring the presentation to life
  • How to engage and maintain the attention of your audience
  • The perfect PowerPoint presentation:
    • Delivering a powerful bid presentation which will influence your audience
  • Video playback and analysis of the three minute presentation
    • Self-analysis to identifying improvements in each delegate’s presentation technique
  • Distribution of briefing document in readiness for SessionTwo

Session 2 -The Pitch/Bid Presentation

Session two focuses on three key elements:

  • understanding character types and how to tailor the bid presentation accordingly
  • ‘subtly’ shouting about your strengths
  • effectively managing the question and answer session

Key areas:

  • Delivery of a bid presentation by all delegates:
    • Incorporating the key elements from session one

Character types:

  • Investigating the individual... Different styles and behaviours
    • An in-depth look at how people differ in their personalities
    • How to create a presentation style that will be aligned to the audience

Developing our strengths:

  • Identifying the strong elements of our proposal
  • Preparing to subtly include them in the presentation
  • Convincing the audience that we are the best company:
    • Persuading an audience that what they need is what we have!

Managing the audience:

  • Handling customer interruptions/questions
    • Dealing with difficult audience members/questions
  • Dealing confidently with the client question and answer session
    • Handling audience questions, interruptions and comments
    • Responding to comments you would prefer not to hear
  • Capitalising on the opportunities to emphasis key points during Q & A session
  • Good practice for managing the question and answer session
    • Showing empathy
  • Video recording playback and analysis
    • Identifying through video playback on the areas from Day 2 where they need to improve their bid presentations
  • Distribution of briefing document in readiness for SessionThree

Session 3 - Strategy and Practice

Session three focuses on two key elements:
  • a real life bid presentation to test skills learnt
  • looking at the strategic side to winning tender bids

Key areas:

  • Demonstrating what we have learnt
    • A bid presentation lasting 10-15 minutes, in front of an internal panel of senior managers followed by a 10 minute question and answer session
  • Understanding our own behaviour
    • Freud’s Iceberg Theory relating to our influence of others
  • Customising our presentations to the various ‘Buying Role Influences’ for improved success
  • Understanding why people buy and how to tailor our proposal to meet their requirements
  • Building a successful strategy to win the tender bid
  • Investigation into the common failings in presenting to the decision making group
  • Video-recording playback and analysis

How long do the programmes last?

Typically 3 days depending on the scope of your requirement.

What do the delegates have to do?

Prior to the programme delegates are asked to consider their personal objective(s) for attending the course. In line with our 'staged methodology', at the end of each training day delegates are given assignments to prepare for the next session, including a report on the positive experiences and results from having put the learning into practice in their live environment.

If this sounds like the type of programme that can make a difference with your team, please contact us about our Making a Winning Bid programmes.

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